Wood Window Repair/Restoration

I am very passionate about window work. If you're lucky enough to still have wood sash windows in your home, don't let the window replacement companies convince you to get rid of them and install disposable vinyl windows. They will tell you that you will save money on energy by replacing your wood windows, and this is essentially false. There have been many studies done on this, and if you replace your windows for the sole intention of saving on energy, you won't make your money back on energy for over 250 years. Thats not in your lifetime, your children's lifetime, or your grandchildren's lifetime.

Wooden Sash Windows were built to last forever. They can always be re-glazed and repaired. Every component of a wood window can be repaired or replaced easily. When vinyl windows break the whole thing has to be replaced, and they will break, because they were designed to do so. This is called "Planned Obsolescence," a common practice in business today. Homes built today are made with far less quality and craftsmanship. Very few products today are made to last, most people have noticed this with Smartphones, ect. At some point the window companies realized that if they were to stop making windows to last forever, they would make far more money, and so the disposable vinyl window was born. On average vinyl windows last 20-30years before they need to be replaced, but most stop functioning properly long before that.

No matter the condition of your wood windows, i can bring them back to 100% in terms of function and aesthetic. Wood windows, when in proper condition, can be just as energy efficient as plastic windows, if not more. Plus, windows are a homes biggest character point (next to doors). It saddens me to see people with beautiful old homes replace their windows and doors because they think they have to.

Let me help!

Window restoration is known to be costly, but my rates are fair because i care. And in the end repair or restoration will always be far more worth it than replacement. I pride myself on being fair, and i am always willing to work with people on cost, especially those who need it most.